At Comegetfashion you can do alot of thing yourself. Such as, changing personal information, subscribe to our newsletter or follow inventory updates

Changing personal information

If you have an account with Comegetfashion you can edit your details here. Such as your name, address, and password. Click the top of the black bar on your account and enter your account to 'my data'. Here you can easily press the button 'Edit' to adjust all data. Do not have an account but still want to change your data? Send an email to our customer service at

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Comegetfashion allows you to store all your favorite must haves in your Wish List. Scroll all the way to the top and click on the white heart in the black bar to access your Wishlist. You can only use if you have an account. You put favorite must-haves on your Wish List, click on the white heart in the fashion item you want to add to your Wishlist. The heart turns black if the item is added to your Wishlist. Do you want to remove the items from your Wish List? Click again on the heart, which turns white when the item is removed from your Wish List. From your Wish List, you can add items to your shopping bag by clicking on the button in your shopping bag. Do you have an item that you measure have not selected? Then you will be redirected to the product page for that item where you can select the size. In Your Wish List is also possible to add comments to the fashion items. It is also possible to click on the 'part Wish List "at the bottom of the page to share your Wish List with your friends.

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My stock updates

Is your favorite must-have sold out and want to know when this item is restocked? This can be done very easily through our stock updates! Go to the item you'd like to receive a stock update. If necessary, select your size and fill in your address below. You will receive from us an email if this item is restocked! Yay!

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Subscribe to our newsletter

Want to stay informed of all our latest must haves, special promotions and discounts? Then sign up for our newsletter! Do you want to unsubscribe from the newsletter? Then you can in the last newsletter you received, click on the link 'unsubscribe'. Or if you have an account, you can under the 'me' you unsubscribe. You will no longer receive newsletters.

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Follow us on social media

Will you be the first to know about the latest must-haves and discounts? Then you can follow us on our social media. Here we post our new daily must-haves, fashion inspiration and much more! Would you miss anything? Click on the buttons to follow us :)

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