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If you are happy, we are happy! Our customer service is always available and we do everything to help you as best as possible. Got a question or complaint? Please contact us and we will always offer you a suitable solution.

Satisfaction guarantee 

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Service is therefore in our absolute number 1! If you're not completely happy with your purchase or you have a complaint about your purchase? Then we'll give you back your purchase price and shipping cost if you send the entire order return. So you are sure that you will always be satisfied with your purchase. Got a question or complaint? Please contact our customer service at info@comegetfashion.com

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Consideration and warranty period

Consideration period

Comegetfashion, unlike many other online shops offer a consideration period of 30 days! It is important that you have enough time to think about your purchase. Within these 30 days you can always return your order without giving a reason. Within these 30 days you always get back your purchase price and shipping cost when you return the entire order.

Warranty period

We guarantee our fashion items are of good quality. Is there something wrong with an item within 6 months? You'll always Comegetfashion right to repair or replace your purchase. If you are unable to replace your item or service, then you always get refunded your purchase price from us.

View a detailed description of our terms and conditions.

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Report a complaint

Do you have a question, suggestion, comment or complaint? Send an email to our customer service at info@comegetfashion.com or contact us via the contact form. We will respond within 24 hours on business days with a suitable solution. Please send us as many information such as a photo or screenshot.

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